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Weekly Veterinary Clinic Pick-up. 98% of Infinity’s business is generated from our weekly pick-up schedule at participating veterinarians. We wholesale our services to the vet, in order to provide an inexpensive way for you to access Infinity’s services. Most pet owners have no desire to visit a pet crematory and are just as happy to let their veterinarian handle all arrangements. Relax by the Owlkill

Drop-off By Pet Owner. There are those who desire to have their pet’s remains back sooner than Infinity’s schedule can provide through our regular pick-up service. For example, if Infinity visits your veterinary clinic on Tuesdays and your pet passes away on a Wednesday, the ashes would not be returned for 13 days (6 days to next pick-up on a Tuesday, and another 7 days for the return).

Additionally, dropping off your pet would enable you to meet with Infinity personnel, see the facility firsthand, and personally express your wishes for your pet’s cremation. Satchmo 1992-2001

Your pet’s cremation would be integrated into our regular private cremation schedule. The timeframe is usually a couple of days. This service is available by appointment only. This level of service is more expensive than the weekly veterinary pick-up and the full amount is paid to Infinity Pet Services directly.

Private Viewing Memorial Service. This service is the most comprehensive and involved as well as being the most expensive. By appointment only and all fees paid directly to Infinity, Infinity waiting room pet owners can witness and be involved with most aspects of their pet’s cremation process. Infinity views this service as a wake or memorial service for your pet and gives you the time to say good-bye on your own terms. A significant advantage is you can go home the same day with your pet’s cremains. Plan on spending 2 – 4 hours at Infinity in our comfortable waiting room overlooking the Owlkill Creek. Call Stacy or Chris for more details and pricing.

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