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Memorial Package Options
Extra clay pawprints may be ordered. Inform your veterinary clinic prior to Infinity’s scheduled pick-up day of your wishes. Keep in mind, once the cremation is done, we cannot make additional pawprints.
Copper urn with pawprint lidUpgrading your pet’s urn is another option. Infinity includes a simple tin urn for your pet’s cremation in order to keep costs down. A number of pet owners elect to either spread their pet’s ashes or bury them in a special place. Other pet owners wish to keep their pet’s ashes with them. In that event, this booklet features a large selection of urns, keepsakes, cremation jewelry, burial markers, and garden stones that may interest you. If you cannot bring yourself to make that decision now, you can always purchase an urn at a later time and have Infinity or your veterinarian transfer the ashes then.

What exactly are cremains? Cremated remains, or ashes, are the dehydrated bones left after cremation. When processing the larger bones to ash, the overall volume is greatly reduced. Because cremains are comprised strictly of bone, they can be surprisingly heavy.

Clay Pawprint memorialClay Paw Print Details
Often we are asked why the clay pawprint appears larger than the pet’s foot. To get clear definition, we press each toe individually into the clay. This automatically spreads the toes a bit wider and gives it a three dimensional appearance. We like to think that this is the pawprint our pet would make when running free on a sandy beach. Be assured, the clay pawprint is from your pet.

If your pet dies on a holiday or weekend
If your pet dies during a time when your veterinarian or Infinity is closed (i.e. evenings, holidays, weekends) don’t panic. Lay him/her on a blanket and place them somewhere cool Pearl 1996-2007like a garage, basement, or barn. If the weather is particularly warm, you may want to purchase a few bags of ice and place them around your pet’s midsection. Some pet owners might find it very disconcerting having their deceased pet remain at home until a facility is open to receive him/her. Perhaps use this time to find ways to honor your pet and decide your course of action for aftercare.

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