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Infinity Private Cremation Memorial Package

Our high-end private cremation service isn’t just about returning your pet’s ashes. It is also about giving a proper memorial fitting for your pet and your lives together. Traditionally, ashes were returned in a white box. Pictured here is what Infinity provides with every private cremation as our standard return. It can be a bittersweet type of reunion when you receive the package, but our clients have expressed to us overwhelmingly how helpful and comforting the items are to them.Memorial Package
• Clay pawprint of your pet
• Swatch of fur
• “Forever in your Heart” charm
• Yankee Candle – personalized
• Rainbow Bridge Scroll –personalized
• Cremation Certificate
• On-line Memorial
• Decorative Tin Urn




Yes, Items of Sentiment Can Be IncludedToys and snacks
We welcome 1 – 2 items that you may wish to have cremated with your pet. For example, items could include a collar, family photos, fresh cut flowers, your pet’s favorite toy, or yummy snack. We ask that the items remain relatively small – no large beds or blankets or heavily rubberized items. Be sure to have your veterinarian make a note of the items on your Infinity paperwork. If you are opting for home burial, think about adding items of sentiment with your pet also.

Children can participate as well.
It is often helpful to kids if they are able to draw a picture or write a letter or poem expressing their feelings to their pet. Depending on the individual child, involving them in the process can be therapeutic. These items can be included with Rocky 1994-2006your pet’s cremation or burial as well. Keeping your pet’s ashes pure by not including any items may appeal to you. Having options is what tailoring your pet’s aftercare is all about.


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