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Choosing Cremation or Burial
Many pet owners have strong convictions when it comes to this choice. One’s personal belief system, religious conviction, personal finances, housing status, or time constraints can all be factors in this decision.
Home burial is the most traditional and least expensive method of disposing of your pets remains. For some it can be cathartic digging a burial hole, although much more difficult when the ground is frozen during the winter months. Here are some other things to consider: Does your landlord prohibit animal burial on their property? If you are a home
owner, check local ordinances and regulations regarding burial as well.Small markers with tags
Do you plan on moving in the future? Private cremation allows you to take your pet’s cremains with you. In choosing home burial, you may want to consider a burial marker or garden stone to honor your pet see our urns and memorials page. Also see Items of Sentiment on the Memorial Package page for more ideas when burying your pet.

Group Cremation
Also called communal or mass cremation, this method places several animals in the cremation chamber together. The cremains are then spread respectfully over the fields and gardens surrounding Infinity. It is less costly and you do not receive any ashes back from this process. Pet pawprintHeart charmIt should be noted that you can request, for additional cost, to have a clay pawprint made of your pet. A swatch of fur is generally included as well. A “Forever in Your Heart” charm may also interest you.

Private Cremation
Private cremation, at Infinity, means that only your pet is placed individually within the cremation chamber. The ashes are then carefully gathered and returned to you with the complete memorial package.

Please note that not all pet crematories define private cremation as individual like Infinity does. We have learned that “save ashes” or “ashes back” type of cremation elsewhere could mean semi-private, segregated private, or even a portion of ashes back from group cremation. Indeed, it is more expensive to individually cremate, as Infinity does, than any other aforementioned method. As pet owner and consumer, you have every right to inquire as to what type of private cremation is being performed for your pet, no matter who your veterinarian’s aftercare provider is.

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