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Welcome to Infinity Pet Services
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Sadly, we know if you are visiting this website, you are facing the impending passing of your pet or it has already occurred.

Please know you have our sincere and deepest sympathy. Your heart is most certainly breaking into a million little pieces. You probably feel alone, overwhelmingly sad and even angry. We know all too well because we have felt these heart wrenching emotions ourselves.

We have designed this guide to educate and assist you through the decision-making process for the aftercare of your pet. Many of these ideas were given to us by other grieving pet owners throughout the years.Pebbles 2004-2009

Infinity Philosophy

We have virtually no control over our pets’ passing (whether from long term illness or sudden trauma), but we should have every right to control how our pets’ bodies are treated afterward. Maintaining some control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation is what many of us need to help get us through our grief. Infinity has many tools and ideas to tailor your pet’s aftercare according to your wishes.

This process can both honor and celebrate your pet’s life and assist you in having peace and closure.

Please scoll through this website to read about our services and what Infinity Pet Service has to offer to you.

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